Zepto Limited (Ghana) takes its path from Zepto Computers, a Danish Computer Company founded in 2002. They specialized in customizable laptops and TVs, and branding notebook computers.
Zepto operated in Denmark and Sweden, and throughout the rest of Europe and in Australia via their partners. In Europe, they were one of the few companies where Microsoft Windows was optional.


Zepto Ltd. was founded in Denmark in September of 2002 and moved to Ghana in January of 2010. From the beginning the idea has been to offer well-designed quality products and services at the competitive prices within the areas ‘Mobile Electronics & Digital Home Equipment’ – directly to the customer.

The cornerstone of the Zepto Ltd product range is our own brand of Laptops and flat screen TVs. This strategy, together with Zepto Ltd.’s focus on customer satisfaction and clearly defined business areas held the company’s position as a success story in the Scandinavian IT industry.

In early 2007, Zepto added another element to the product range as Zepto Ltd introduced its own series of LCD TVs – Pantheon – followed by the line of designer TVs Helios.

Zepto operates in Ghana with a 300 Laptop and 200 Television Sets daily manufacturing capacity. The Company is managed by experienced Danish and Ghanaian Engineers and Technicians resident in Ghana.

2011, Zepto Professional Training Institute
Established in 2011, Zepto training is a subsidiary of Zepto Ghana Ltd; manufacturers of digital TV, Laptops and Tablets. Zepto really does open the doors to a world of ICT opportunities.

Zepto Training offers professional certificates in a wide range of courses such as Multimedia Design, Graphic Design, Web and Software Development, Hardware and Networking, Linux and many more courses leading to professional careers in Information and Communication Technology.


To promote and contribute towards the acceleration of ICT development in Ghana and Africa that will help bring about positive economic and social transformation to the society, the public and private sector and to improve human development.


To be the leading and most successful Laptop & Digital Flat screen Television assembling company that is affordable for everyone to own.