Picture courtesy fox news

The sense of encouraging informational security is vital just like business investment.
John Podesta was the chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign, his careless use of the internet led to exposure of about 33,000 emails, of which its discussion led to the fumbling of Hillary Clinton’s campaign which subsequently caused her the Presidency of U.S.A.


Hackers said it was easy taking over the computer system of the former Democrat presidential candidate. Analysing this incompetency, fingers were pointed to unsecured servers that were used for sharing classified files.

Whiles many may pay less attention to the devastating cost hackers can bring, their immeasurable impact cannot be overlooked since they could affect even the presidency of perhaps the most power nation in the world.

Imagine the computer systems of the Supreme court of Ghana being compromised by hackers to tamper with evidence on crime and litigation. The price and confusion would be unbearable to the state and individuals involved.

It may be true hackers are yet to turn an eye to the African computing systems which are the most vulnerable to attacks, but we may be sitting on a timed bomb which is waiting to explode.

Zepto has embarked on a stringent campaign to battle out piracy and computer corruption which outstandingly has distinguish itself as the main cause of computer insecurities.

Apart from furnishing firms with genuine competent software, Zepto Limited also help move files and computing system to the cloud, a new way of ensuring safety and productivity.

There is no way to forecast when hackers will ping your computing system. Stay genuine, move to the cloud and stay safe.