ZEPTO UmiTab 10.1

This is your personal computer designed in a more convenient way to allow you to choose where to work, learn and play with over 8 hours battery life.

Your ZEPTO UmiTab 10.1 is easy on all sorts of printers and fit for all forms of business and academic presentations.

Your 2 in 1 PC is built to be suitable for all Microsoft Solutions. It comes with the latest Microsoft Office Suit and One TB OneDrive Cloud storage.


Windows® 10

Experience the power of a complete operating system with Windows® 10 pre-installed licence. Enjoy the benefits of a real desktop; with the apps you love such as Microsoft Word, Skype, Photoshop Express and many more.

ELite Processor

The powerful Intel® Baytrail-T Quad-core (1.33 GHz processor) allows you to seamlessly navigate through the tablet without lag. The UmiTab creates a flawless experience for the casual movie watcher, high-tech gamer, or office professional.

Office 365 Header

Microsoft® Office 365

Take your office anywhere you go! With Microsoft® Office 365, make last minute changes to your PowerPoint before that big presentation. Efficiently takes notes during a business meeting on Microsoft Word. Review your latest sales number on your business trip.