When the dawn of innovation casted its light on the tech industry, the then active tech brands deemed it a mere trend; considered the revolution “orchestrated fiat”-but today, the price is being paid by those tech giants that relented on their innovational efforts. The then unknown entities that glimpsed change now continue to advance.

We are not counting Nokia, Siemens, Motorola and Sony as great brands now, but it is not long ago when we predicted their exultation-anytime we discussed the future of technology. In fact, these withered brands were caught up in a web of redundancy, developed myopic foresight and was swarm over by innovational contempt.

Recently, Google has toppled Apple as the leading brand in the world for the second time according to a survey done by Millward Brown; leading research firm in the world. Google has grown from being just an internet search engine to an all-round Tech guru in the world. Google’s wealth soared up by 7% while apple trudge back by 2%. The secrete of the search engine brand has been…..well…

Google’s insurgence has been attributed to apt innovations which blips from all angles such as their revamp of Google’s car project, Google’s virtual assistant and the fastest-growing android operating system which runs on about 80% of current smart phones. The ones search engine brand has evolved into bane of technological excellence across board.

It must be emphasized that few brands in Ghana has opted to mirror the global tech revolution, however, Zepto still continues to be the frontier of innovation in Ghana and Africa. We keep on delving into tough technologies and innovations.

Zepto has introduced devices of international standard to the Ghanaian and African Market and it is few brands in Ghana and Africa which still embark on such audacious task. Our Televisions, Home appliances, laptops and Software products are second to none and we continue to expose Ghana and Africa to touching cutting edge ideas and technologies. Just as innovation has propelled a mere search platform to a technological grandeur, Zepto is seamlessly gaining the roots in Ghana and in Africa.

We have maintained our vision of leading innovations and our next generation of devices will mesmerize the minds of tech lovers around the world. Watch out for our Smart phones, Convenient Computer Dongles, Tablet P.C, Mini SATA disk, Rugged devices and specialized machines to be unveiled soon.

While we establish ourselves as a Ghanaian brand of value, dynamism and leadership, Zepto is still committed to being a brand of innovation and a creator of possibilities. We have relentlessly married Ghana and Africa to newer technological trends without respite and Zepto manifests this unique feat with our exquisite devices.

Today, we can assertively proclaim we have realized our goal of making our customers work, learn and play wherever they are, while staying productive with Zepto Umitab 10.1 P.C tablet amidst all setbacks that the tech industry in Africa has been capitulating to.

All and sundry should expect more from Zepto as we light the way for our customers to bask and glory in grand technology.

Realize Zepto and realize innovations.